Tube Clamp – Make Your Own Brackets

Use the flexibility of our tube clamp range to make cost effective brackets.

Punch Bag Bracket

Solid Bracket made from Tube Clamps

Punch Bag Bracket

Close Up of Bracket showing individual parts.

All items are available from stock including galvanisted tube from The Metal Store

Table and Bench made from Tube Clamp

This is a great idea.

This wood top table is made from Tube Clamp fittings and galvanised tube.

Tube Clamp Table

Table from Tube Clamp


Thank you to Geoff for allowing us to share this.


All fittings and tube are available online at The Metal Store


Tube Clamps used for Sports and Leisure

Interclamps combination of high quality and outstanding value-for-money can be found in a number of sports.

Picture of Cricket Practice Nets

Cricket Nets

Picture of Camera Platform

Camera Platform at Bernebau stadium

Boat / dinghy Racks

Onshore Boat Racks

Tube Clamp Fittings and Galvanised tube are available online here

Tube Clamp Applications

Here are a few examples of the flexibility and range of applications for our tube clamp range.

Low cost handrail for ramps

Handrail for Ramps


Can also be used as a barrier to provide fall prevention and pedestrian safety

Tube Clamp Barrier

Fall Prevention Barrier


All tube clamp fittings and Galvanised Tube can be purchased online for UK wide delivery.

We also supply DDA Assist – DDA Compliant Handrail Online



Low Cost Saftey Rails for the home with key clamps

Here is a good idea sent to us by Jim of Blackpool who installed this safety rail for a friend and was kind enough to send us the photographs.

This solution needs only 3 fittings and two pieces of Galvanised Tube.


Easy to install

Galvanised – No need to paint

If you move home, take them with you.

You can view our full range of  Allen Key Tube clamp Fittings and Galvanised Tube with Free Cutting service.

Handrail Kits for Tube Clamp

We have put together a modular handrail kit to make it quick and easy to buy railing components to construct most simple handrail installations.

Easy to order and assemble these handrail kits save time and increase onsite productivity.

Buying preassembled posts (shown below) it reduces time to assemble handrail and reduces the amount of products ordered making the whole process quicker and easier from start to finish.

These can also be used as part of much more complex installations and compements our existing range of Tube Clamps.

Tube Clamp Handrail Kits

For more details of out Handrail Kits and complete handrail ideas go to Tube Clamp Handrail Kits .