“Imperfection IS perfection”

2 By Metal Sculptor R.A. Moore

I have always had the heart of an Artist within me, in some form or another. I started drawing cool scenes from Stan Lee’s famous Spiderman comics at 7 years old. Later, in my teens, I found refuge and escapism from a violent and abusive step-father in the epic fantasy paintings of Artist Frank Frazetta. I guess over the years, I’ve dabbled in several forms of Art; trying to find my outlet.



Coming into my last year of Foster Care, I got a job in a local machine fabrication shop sweeping floors and general assistant. I had already played around with Stick Welding and found I had a knack for controlling and manipulating a molten puddle of steel. I think I was amused to finally find something that I had total control of…and it was AWESOME. I guess you could say, I created my first metal sculptures during my lunch breaks at various fabrication shops over the years using materials from the scrap bins. I would create, then someone would see it and think it was cool, and I would just give it to them.


3Then after 20 plus years of building high-tech, high-dollar, equipment, as well as installations for companies such as Tyson Foods and International Beef and Pork plants across the U.S., I stepped away realising that I was missing a lot of time with my children.

The one area of metal work I had never dabbled in was old fashioned Blacksmith processes. I built a homemade forge and started to create some pre-1900 styles of hand-hammered furniture pieces and loved the simplistic and low-tech processes.

That’s how I discovered my style. I faded away from the literal furniture pieces and dived headfirst into my zone with the first piece titled, “Apocalypse Artist”.

It is my most recognised piece and is still in my possession. My family refuse to let me sell it.

5Now, I create using rusted, wasted and discarded machine and metal parts that “rest in peace,” bringing a newfound awareness in dark beauty for the beholder.

I also create the occasional fun and whimsical pieces inspired by my love of Sci-fi, Jules Verne and Steampunk as can be seen in pieces like, “Eternal Voyage”, “Starfleet Gen.1”, “Marauder” and the lighted functional piece, “Raedison”.

I have combined my work with a long-time friend and fantastic Artist in his own right, Photographer Jason Bohannon. His skill has been able to capture the truest essence of my work, short of seeing it in person.
Most of my creations are my way of showing the downtrodden, abused and misunderstood that there IS someone else that understands and has possibly walked the same hard road. Hopefully, the uniqueness and beauty demonstrates the epiphany that, “Imperfection IS perfection.”

You can view all of my work at www.facebook.com/themetalsculptor/ or contact me for sales or commission work at metalsculptorramoore@gmail.com


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