STU-ART Aviation Furniture

IMAG0395My fascination with fixing, making and building things, started way back in 1995 aged 13 when me and my dad bought an old mini from the classifieds to restore. The car was mine and the aim was for me to have a car that I could use once passed my driving test. Many many nights and weekends were spent cutting out bits of rotten metal and cleaning up old parts to make them like new. My dad taught me how to use various tools and I gradually got ‘the nack’ of being comfortable using them.

3 years later, upon school leaving, I was signing on the dotted line to become a member of the RAF as an aircraft engineer. These years taught and honed my abilities to use my hands and my love of engineering was founded.


I spend 10 years as an aircraft engineer whilst building up several cars in my spare time. Each one attempting to be different to others and push boundaries. I actually got a kick from building and fabricating my own specific parts. Just being able to express myself with metal and other materials gave me a lot of happiness.
In 2013 after 5 years in civilian aviation, I had acquired a couple of old bits in my garage. One of which was a set of old grey leather aircraft seats. I realised we needed a new computer office chair in the house so I decided to build one. A week later it was built, but didn’t really match the décor, so it was put up for sale. After 2 hours, it was sold!

I started to get asked to build pieces that people needed. Reaction to them was really good and I started to quickly outgrow the small garage I had, so I headed out looking for a new workshop.

chair 1

I found one for a reasonable cost and fitted it out with tooling and various aircraft parts I found. This soon became too small so I now reside in a 1000sqft workshop with my own sheet metal working area, a spray paint area, photography corner, lots of storage and space to work on different projects at the same time. This means I can produce more pieces, weather ordered bespoke or off the cuff builds for sale. I genuinely love to build pieces that other people haven’t thought of or haven’t attempted. Metal to me is a very nice material. You can mix cold, old steel with high polished aluminium. Adding in rivets or welding it to create contemporary shapes. I am by no means a brilliant welder, but patience and preparation are definite key requirements. The old saying of “measure twice, cut once” is very very true. I hate to waste things, so any offcuts or spare parts from things I’m building, including nuts and bolts, get kept for use at a later date.
I want to be the best in Europe at building Aircraft furniture. Due to having a large network of contacts in the aviation industry, I can get decommissioned parts as a lesser price, which means I can pass on these savings to the clients. Building Pieces of stunning furniture means more to me than making lots of money. I would love people to have a piece of my work in their house or workplace that has history and is a talking point. I love building and using metal. In the past 12 months the business has grown massively. I’ve exhibited at Fulham palace, Grand designs live, and at the national festival of thrift. Published in magazines, The Telegraph and Daily Mail along with BBC radio interviews.

IMG_2742Stuarts website is: You can findhim on Twitter @stu_art14 and on his facebook page.

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