Guest Blog – All art is an imitation of nature , therefore a Forgery

Written by Juls Trussell

Dragons, Faeries, Pirate chests, with secret compartments, Giant dragonflies and ASBO Crows are just a small selection of the sculptures created from the mind of this extraordinary metal artist.

Extraordinary, as although Graham is an incredible craftsman, he also has a very modest soul.  His art is his passion. He shares his gift by creating the most wonderful sculptures, using “Metal as his pencil”

What is so very different about Graham’s metal art is his ability to add character and personality to each piece he forges. He imprints a part of himself, allowing those who commission him, to know what they have is not just any sculpture- but a unique piece of Graham.

His customers inevitably become friends. It’s important to him that the piece he creates for them will be something that has not only his imprint, but entwines with the idea their imagination had envisaged.

This makes each piece personal, a one off, truly bespoke.

Graham’s workshop is his ‘Happy Place.’ He also sees it as the place where he can become his own version of  Professor Potts. The warm hearted genius inventor, from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

To be inside Graham’s workshop when he begins to feel in tune with a new piece, is to feel the presence of a modern Professor Potts. The man that took his non- stop creative thoughts, mixed them with his wonderfully  eccentric  imagination and topped all off with wishes, not only from his own mind but from the minds of his children and turned them into something real.

All of these characters are from sheets of steel. From bolts, chains, maybe even the odd spanner thrown in for good measure …..Oh, Oh  “Is that a fire extinguisher?”   Then hammered, sweated over (sometimes adding, unintentionally, of course the odd drop of blood) and ABARACADABARA…that touch of magic that can only be sensed and felt after being allowed to become part of Graham’s workshop.

Last May, he asked me to become part of his business and now I proudly work beside him.  Oh id I tell you that we also got married on his birthday?  Now we really are one when endeavouring to establish his career as a full time Artist, blacksmith and I am Juls Thrussell.


Graham is an extremely skilled craftsman.  A  blacksmith, toolmaker and engineer. His Father, Frank, made sure that, although he knew his son would  walk the path of an artist,  he would do it with an Engineering qualification. ‘Just in case’. It always pays to have a Plan B.

Graham is a dreamer, like most artists. Ideas, projects, the unimaginable, always walk beside him, along with his sketch pad and pencil as he tries not to lose all the wonders within his mind.

He loves what he does. He loves being inspired by his fellow artists and knowing that maybe, he in turn inspires others.

The art world is not an easy world but it is,  for Graham, the one that he feels most at home and at peace with.

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