Industrial Design Ideas for your Kitchen

Are you thinking of creating the urban industrial kitchen design look for your home? Urban industrial décor is all the rage at the moment. Do you need some ideas?

With loft living becoming increasingly trendy, and interior designers being encouraged to make the most of the unused space, bare brickwork and steel piping has become popular with cool and trendy retailers and homes. Bars and restaurants are exposing brickwork and metal pipes, and people are paying huge amounts of money for chick and stylish kitchens with revealed pipework and lots of re-cycled timber.

There’s an easy and affordable way that you can create this look for your own kitchen, by using some of our products, so why not get your creative juices flowing and see what you can create?

You’ll get so much more satisfaction from making it yourself and it’s as easy as pie.

Some ideas that we’ve pulled together


This butcher’s block has similar components as our desk, we’ve just substituted the toughened glass for the butchers block wood.

Need some more inspiration?




shelfWhy not make your own shelving for herbs and spices or your cookery books?

Just measure the size that you need and order all the pieces from our website.


We’d love to see what you’ve been making so please feel free to send them into us and we’ll share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

And if you get stuck you can always phone our helpful sales team who can advise you on the best bit of tube clamp for your project.

It’s a little like Lego, but for grown-ups!


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