Keeping the kids happy with your metal creations

Monkey Bars Climbing Frame

Monkey Bars made from Key Clamp

As the weather changes and we start to think more about the great British summer, and the annual promise of that heatwave,  have you thought about making a climbing frame for the kids?

We’ve currently got 15% all our galvanised tubing and tube clamp and its as easy as putting together man sized meccano, so what are you waiting for?

Just order the sizes that you need together with all the right clamps to pull it together and you’re away.

We’ll even cut it to size for you and if you’re stuck and need some help just give our friendly team a call on 01274 875479 and we’ll do our utmost to get it to you the very next day.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, so we’ll do our utmost to make sure you’ve got everything you need, when you need it.

And of course, there’s nothing nicer than knowing you’ve made it yourself and when it’s up and the children are enjoying it, send us a photo. We love to see all your metal masterpieces and share them with our Facebook friends.


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