Why Use Galvanised Metal?


Please note: The spangled finish galvanised sheet pictures is shown is for graphic purposes only.

Galvanisation is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron in order to prevent rusting.

Unprotected steel, for example, would suffer rust and corrosion over time, the severity of which would depend on the environment the metal is in.

Through hot-dip galvanisation, the metal is completely coated in molten zinc, making it impenetrable to the weather, and less likely to rust.

This is because the corrosion of Zinc is extremely slow, giving it an extended life, while protecting the base metal.

There are other methods of metal protection, such as painting or plastic coating, but these methods come with downfalls. If, or more to the point, when damaged, the steel underneath will rust and cause the protective coating to weaken and fall away, making these methods short-lived, unreliable and in need of continued maintenance.

So what makes galvanisation different? This list explains why galvanisation is your best bet:


Please note: The spangled finish galvanised sheet pictured is shown is for graphic purposes only.


All these qualities make galvanised metal perfect for outdoor use.

If you want to make sure you’re using well protected metal, you can find a range of Galvanised products on our website here, where you can also find a variety of offers.

galvanisedWe also stock Galvanising Spray, which is ideal for coating any cut edges or for touching up any marks on galvanised metal.


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