Keep Your Kitchen Spotless with Stainless Steel


Aside from, of course, cooking delicious food for your customers, health and safety is paramount for any working kitchen.

However, as any chef will tell you, in a busy kitchen, with orders flying in and food flying out, finding time to clean can be a struggle.

So how can you keep your customers happy, stay in the Food Safety Agency’s good books, keep a clean and tidy kitchen while making your life easier?food agency

Simple, by using stainless steel in your kitchen.

Stainless sheets has good anti-rusting and heat resistance properties, making it ideal for use for kitchen counters.

As well as the obvious functional benefits, visually, stainless steel also creates the illusion of a larger kitchen, by gently reflecting the light.

You can find stainless steel sheets on our website here. We stock a range of sheet styles; Brushed, Smooth and Circle Polished, which are all commonly used for kitchen counters and worksurfaces.

Stainless steel isn’t only a good addition to commercial kitchens though, it would also be beneficial for your own home.

Around the hob is one of the main danger areas in a kitchen. It’s inevitable that food will splash out of the pan at some point, and without the right material on the wall behind the hob, it could get stained and sticky. Heat could also affect certain types of wall, leaving it looking dirty and dated.

However, with a Stainless Steel Splashback, any food can simply be wiped away with ease, and heat damage will not be an issue. Not to mention, due to the fact that it is cut as one solid sheet, there are no cracks or grouting for food to get trapped in.


Photo Courtesy of Darryl Elliot.

They’re easy to fix directly to the wall with either glue or screws and there are four holes punched, one in each corner for easy fixing.

The splashbacks are easy to fix, simple to maintain, and can help to modernise your kitchen.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please contact us:

Tel: 01274 875 479

Facebook: The Metal Store UK
Twitter: @TheMetalStoreUK




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