Unbreakable Mirrors Will Keep Your Horse’s Mood Stable

horse mirrorAs the horse owners reading this will probably know, research has found that horses are less stressed if there’s a mirror inside their stable.

However, as with most animals, horses and glass aren’t the best combination. With this in mind, many stable owners are looking to safer alternatives to ensure their horse’s life is a stress free as possible. That’s where The Metal Store can help.

Our range of stainless steel Unbreakable Mirrors are perfect for stables and horse transportation. The reflection quality is as good as a standard glass mirror, but as there is no glass, they will not break or shatter.

You can find our Unbreakable Mirrors in a range of sizes on our website here.

They fix direct to the walls with either glue or screws. If you intend to screw your Unbreakable Mirror to the wall you need to add “Fixing Holes” which can be found here. There are four holes punched, one in each corner for easy fixing. We also supply fixing kits and adhesive.

We would advise you that the edges of the sheet metal we sell are not buffed, polished or finished and therefore, may be sharp. However, a wooden frame can be overlayed to avoid any sharp edges being a hazard to you or your horse

If you’re a fan of horses, you may also like Horsing Around With Metal, written by metal artist and guest blogger William Thompson.

You can find us at:                             

Facebook: The Metal Store UK
Twitter: @TheMetalStoreUK
Website: http://www.themetalstore.co.uk


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