Why Use Galvanised Metal?


Please note: The spangled finish galvanised sheet pictures is shown is for graphic purposes only.

Galvanisation is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron in order to prevent rusting.

Unprotected steel, for example, would suffer rust and corrosion over time, the severity of which would depend on the environment the metal is in.

Through hot-dip galvanisation, the metal is completely coated in molten zinc, making it impenetrable to the weather, and less likely to rust.

This is because the corrosion of Zinc is extremely slow, giving it an extended life, while protecting the base metal.

There are other methods of metal protection, such as painting or plastic coating, but these methods come with downfalls. If, or more to the point, when damaged, the steel underneath will rust and cause the protective coating to weaken and fall away, making these methods short-lived, unreliable and in need of continued maintenance.

So what makes galvanisation different? This list explains why galvanisation is your best bet:


Please note: The spangled finish galvanised sheet pictured is shown is for graphic purposes only.


All these qualities make galvanised metal perfect for outdoor use.

If you want to make sure you’re using well protected metal, you can find a range of Galvanised products on our website here, where you can also find a variety of offers.

galvanisedWe also stock Galvanising Spray, which is ideal for coating any cut edges or for touching up any marks on galvanised metal.


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It’s been a fantastic start to 2015 for us here at The Metal Store, as we have recently been approved as a Google Certified Shop.

It comes just a couple of months after we were awarded a Bizrate Platinum Award for customer service.

Therefore we’d like to say a huge thank you to our great staff for all their hard work, and all our valued customers for their positive feedback.

Google first introduced their online certifications in 2013, as a way of helping internet shoppers know what websites they can trust.


Getting the Google stamp of approval isn’t only great news for The Metal Store, it’s also great news for our customers, who now have the opportunity to opt in to Google’s free purchase protection, eligible for purchases of up to £1000. Of course, we’d like to think that our customers don’t need this protection, but the option is there all the same!

If you’re undertaking a project and are in need of metal, go with a metal supplier you can trust, contact The Metal Store.

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Keep Your Kitchen Spotless with Stainless Steel


Aside from, of course, cooking delicious food for your customers, health and safety is paramount for any working kitchen.

However, as any chef will tell you, in a busy kitchen, with orders flying in and food flying out, finding time to clean can be a struggle.

So how can you keep your customers happy, stay in the Food Safety Agency’s good books, keep a clean and tidy kitchen while making your life easier?food agency

Simple, by using stainless steel in your kitchen.

Stainless sheets has good anti-rusting and heat resistance properties, making it ideal for use for kitchen counters.

As well as the obvious functional benefits, visually, stainless steel also creates the illusion of a larger kitchen, by gently reflecting the light.

You can find stainless steel sheets on our website here. We stock a range of sheet styles; Brushed, Smooth and Circle Polished, which are all commonly used for kitchen counters and worksurfaces.

Stainless steel isn’t only a good addition to commercial kitchens though, it would also be beneficial for your own home.

Around the hob is one of the main danger areas in a kitchen. It’s inevitable that food will splash out of the pan at some point, and without the right material on the wall behind the hob, it could get stained and sticky. Heat could also affect certain types of wall, leaving it looking dirty and dated.

However, with a Stainless Steel Splashback, any food can simply be wiped away with ease, and heat damage will not be an issue. Not to mention, due to the fact that it is cut as one solid sheet, there are no cracks or grouting for food to get trapped in.


Photo Courtesy of Darryl Elliot.

They’re easy to fix directly to the wall with either glue or screws and there are four holes punched, one in each corner for easy fixing.

The splashbacks are easy to fix, simple to maintain, and can help to modernise your kitchen.

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Unbreakable Mirrors Will Keep Your Horse’s Mood Stable

horse mirrorAs the horse owners reading this will probably know, research has found that horses are less stressed if there’s a mirror inside their stable.

However, as with most animals, horses and glass aren’t the best combination. With this in mind, many stable owners are looking to safer alternatives to ensure their horse’s life is a stress free as possible. That’s where The Metal Store can help.

Our range of stainless steel Unbreakable Mirrors are perfect for stables and horse transportation. The reflection quality is as good as a standard glass mirror, but as there is no glass, they will not break or shatter.

You can find our Unbreakable Mirrors in a range of sizes on our website here.

They fix direct to the walls with either glue or screws. If you intend to screw your Unbreakable Mirror to the wall you need to add “Fixing Holes” which can be found here. There are four holes punched, one in each corner for easy fixing. We also supply fixing kits and adhesive.

We would advise you that the edges of the sheet metal we sell are not buffed, polished or finished and therefore, may be sharp. However, a wooden frame can be overlayed to avoid any sharp edges being a hazard to you or your horse

If you’re a fan of horses, you may also like Horsing Around With Metal, written by metal artist and guest blogger William Thompson.

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Industrial Décor For Your Home or Business

Following on from our blog posts about how you could use Tube Clamps or Corrugated metal to give your home or business a cool industrial feel, this week we thought we would give you some great design ideas for using perforated metal.

Perforated metal can be a great way to accentuate the light in the room, and create the feeling of a much more open space.

Whether a home or a business, perforated metal will add a great industrial style, which is very on trend right now.

Metal and wood is always a great industrial-style furniture combination. You could use it on kitchen cupboard doors or maybe even on the staircase


We love these lamp designs. Particularly the use of perforated metal  as the lampshade.


However, as we have said in previous blogs, a laid-back, industrial-style décor is becoming more and more popular for businesses.

You could use it as a feature wall, as a light staircase or maybe even a fancy, rustic lamp design.business_perforated

If you want to add some slick, industrial style to your home or business, you can find perforated metal sheets on our website here. We have both Round Hole and Square Pitch available.

We also offer 10% discount on mild steel, excluding 6m lengths.

If you’ve created anything with perforated metal or any other types of metal from The Metal Store, feel free to send us some pictures, we’d love to showcase it on our blog!

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