Bridging the Gap between Welding and Art

This week’s guest blog comes from Alex Smithson, 31, Montana, USA.

Ialex smithson first started making metal art when I learned to weld, which was during a construction job around 10 years ago.

I bought a 110v arc welder and began making small sculptures and things at home.

Over the years, I have developed good relationships with the local scrap metal yard, thrift stores and junk yards, which has really helped me make sure I have a steady supply of metal coming in, which ultimately means I can continue to make new things.

I generally use any scrap metal that I can find to use in my artwork. Most of it is plain steel such as gears, chains, nuts, bolts, and old tools.

Although making metal art originally started out as a hobby I just did my spare time, more recently it’s become a source of income. I’ve been selling my artwork at a local gallery called Montana Mosaic for over a year now, and it seems to be going well!

Some of my work has even won awards, such as a set of guitar sculptures which won 1st Place ribbon at my local State Fair.


More recently, I completed my largest project so far – two 20′ x 20″ x 84″ towers with lights inside, installed on a walkway bridge that I worked on during a renovation project 14 years ago


The city Recreational Trails Committee commissioned me to make the towers after I created and donated a giant pinecone sculpture – made from about 125 old shovel heads – to the city.

I had originally made a “shovel-pinecone” for my grandmother, and the local newspaper did an article on it, asking the community to donate old shovels to me so I could make one for our local “River’s Edge Trail”, which was a great honour. Not only was it great for me as an artist, but it was also great in bringing the community together.cone

It was also a huge honour to then be asked to create the towers for the entrance to the walkway bridge, and hopefully it leads to bigger and even more challenging projects for me in the future.

plaqueIt was fun to make and gave me a great sense of pride to be asked and trusted to create something for the city that will last for generations, with my name to it.

I hope to have a display set up at my local museum in the next couple of years, for people to visit and enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

If you’d like to see more of Alex’s amazing work, please visit Metal Art by Alex on Facebook.

If Alex’s work has inspired you to try your hand at metal art, you can find a range of Welding essentials here, as well as, of course, range of metal for all sorts of metalwork projects.

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Slick and Stylish Industrial Decor Designs

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the industrial look is really on trend right now. Tube clamps and corrugated metal in particular are proving very popular both for homes and businesses.

Corrugated steel interior walls are modern, stylish and give a relaxed cool feel to any home or business.

Here’s some great examples of how it can be used at home:


And some examples of how you could use it for your business:


If you want to inject an effortless sense of cool to your home or business, you can find corrugated steel on our website in a variety of sizes here.

We also have a range of the extras you may need to go with your corrugated sheet – Zinc galvanising spray, expanding foam and corrugated roof fixings – just click here.

If you’ve used any industrial style decor in your home or business, please feel free to send us some pictures. We’d love to share your designs!

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Customer Creations: Tube Clamp Furniture


This week, one of our customers sent us some photographs of furniture they produced using our tube clamp kits.

Created by The Goodingham Brothers, this tube clamp bed and clothes rail would look great in any modern looking home. We love the industrial, yet stylish look that’s really popular right now, with both homes and businesses.


We found a similar clothes rail design on Pintrest, showing how it would look in your home. We absolutely love the stylish. modern vibe it gives off and think it would work well as a clothes rail at home or a cloakroom rail in a business.

clothes rail

The Goodingham Brothers – Ben and Tim – formed their partnership and established their furniture design and making business in 1994.

Over the last 20 years, they have worked in many different projects whereby their knowledge, skills, craftsmanship and interest in design have produced bespoke furniture to a wide range of clients. Projects range from domestic to commercial, including offices, studios, shops and small architectural projects.

If you’d like to see more bespoke furniture designs, please visit

If you’ve created something using metal from The Metal Store, please feel free to let us know and send us some pictures. We’d love to see and share your handywork!

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Guest Blog: Going Ape with Scrap Metal!

David in his workshop

David in his workshop

This week’s guest blog comes from David Vernede, 32, France.

I have worked at a factory constructing parts for planes for 4 years. I’m surrounded by steel every day, and around two years ago, decided I would start using metal to create sculptures in my spare time.

I’ve always been interested in art, particularly tattoo art. I used to design skull tattoos, and that has passed over into my metal work, so it’s a mix of both worlds really.

I‘m very passionate about recycling, and because of that, most of my pieces are created using scrap and waste metal – often from cars and motorcycles. Anything I can find that can be welded, I’ll try to use.


David used this red car bonnet to create his giant fish sculpture


There’s no better feeling than finding a piece of scrap metal going to waste, and then seeing the same piece of metal used on a finished sculpture.

gorilla doneOne of the pieces I’m most proud of is a sculpture of life-sized Gorilla. It took me around 350 hours to complete in total, with the skull alone taking around 25 hours. However, it was actually much longer as it took me a year to find all the parts, and I also had other pieces I was working on at the same time.

If you’d like to see more of David’s amazing work, please visit D. Vernede Concept on Facebook.

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