Brace yourselves, Winter is Coming.


Christmas is just around the corner! Unfortunately, that means so too, is the ruthless weather that can be a nightmare for many buildings.

However, fear not! National Maintenance Week – founded by The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) aims to encourage people to make sure their home or business is prepared for the harsh weather. The major problem points for many buildings are damp or decaying walls, loose or missing roof tiles and blocked gutters.

gutter picBlocked gutters are perhaps the most common of issues during autumn and winter, and despite how nice the yellow, orange and red leaves might look, they can cause havoc in drains and gutters. A blocked gutter can lead to damp walls, rotten roof supports and general foundation damage. A clear gutter is vital, therefore as part of National Maintenance Week, Friday 28th November has been designated National Gutters Day.

The prospect of cleaning out your gutters might be a daunting task, and you may not know where to start, but fortunately, SPAB have compiled a short list of tips to help you figure out what exactly you need to be checking for.

Here’s the list:


Gutter maintenance, despite not being the most glamorous of tasks, is essential, especially during the winter months. Just a few minutes spent clearing weeds and debris, or just a few pounds spent to mend a leaky gutter can save many hundreds, and possibly thousands of pounds in the long run.

If during your maintenance checks you unfortunately discover that your gutters are beyond repair, we have an affordable roofing and guttering range which you can find here:

All of our gutters are:


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