Guest Blog: Horsing Around With Metal

This week’s guest blog comes from Will Thompson, 41, Scotland.

For years, I worked as a welder fabricator all over the world, working in many different roles from farm machinery to very large ships.

Although I enjoyed my career, I always thought there was something missing, so I started creating metal sculptures in my spare time.

I’ve always admired the majestic beauty of horses since I was a young boy, and thought they would the perfect model for my metal sculptures – combining two of my favourite interests, metal work and horses.

horse 3

Will’s First Sculpture

The first sculpture I ever made was a near-life-size horse. I made it from 700 metres of 6mm round bar, TIG welded together, and it took me around six months to complete as I was still working full time.

Although I’ve always admired horses, although it may be hard to believe, I’ve been terrified of them for most of my life, but through making these sculptures, my fear has diminished and I now work with horses every day.

Sculpting has lead me to change my outlook on life, in the way we view animals the way we feel about ourselves in our own hearts.

Nowadays I mainly just make horse heads, as my time is restricted due to work commitments. It takes me a while to make each one because I make them in my own time. That way, it remains a hobby, and something that I enjoy doing. That’s also why although people have offered money for my work, I’m not particularly interested in selling them. Sculpting is in my heart and mind and in a way, my dreams are not for sale.

If you’d like to see more of Will’s work, please visit Sculptures by William Thompson on Facebook.

You can find a wide selection of round bars – used by Will to make his sculptures – on the Metal Store website. We sell Black Mild Steel Round Bar, Bright Mild Steel Round Bar, Stainless Steel Round Bar, Aluminium Round Bar and Brass Round Bar

If you’re interested in being a Metal Store UK Guest Blogger,  feel free to get in touch with us, we’d love to showcase your work!

Facebook: The Metal Store UK
Twitter: @TheMetalStoreUK


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