NEW PRODUCT: Tube Clamp Cloakroom Bench

metal bench

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll know we’re absolutely crazy about tube clamping and the seemingly endless possibilities it can be used for.

The industrial look is really popular right now. Businesses – particularly shops, such as Lush, Urban Outfitters and Joy, are recycling basic materials such as brick, wood and metal – to create a stripped down, but really cool look.

With this in mind, we’ve produced a brand new tube clamp product which we think would work perfectly  in shops, schools, colleges, universities and sports clubs, gyms, but also in your home too.

They’re functional, but stylish too, giving you a place to hang your hat after coming in from the abysmal winter weather, but also giving your house the same on trend stripped-back industrial look that we’re seeing everywhere, giving you and your house an effortless sense of cool.

You can find this product at


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