NEW PRODUCT: Tube Clamp Cloakroom Bench

metal bench

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll know we’re absolutely crazy about tube clamping and the seemingly endless possibilities it can be used for.

The industrial look is really popular right now. Businesses – particularly shops, such as Lush, Urban Outfitters and Joy, are recycling basic materials such as brick, wood and metal – to create a stripped down, but really cool look.

With this in mind, we’ve produced a brand new tube clamp product which we think would work perfectly  in shops, schools, colleges, universities and sports clubs, gyms, but also in your home too.

They’re functional, but stylish too, giving you a place to hang your hat after coming in from the abysmal winter weather, but also giving your house the same on trend stripped-back industrial look that we’re seeing everywhere, giving you and your house an effortless sense of cool.

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Warning: What you’re about to see may be distressing. You have been warned.


A sad sight.

This is a dreadful sight. Sadly, it’s also one which many people will have witnessed in their own back garden over the past few days, as the UK bore the brunt of the backend of Hurricane Gonzalo, with winds reaching up to 71 mph.

We all know how precious the shed is. It’s more than just a place to store your most cherished tools and toys. It’s a safe haven, a sanctuary, a refuge. The garden shed is a cornerstone of British culture, along with tea, red double decker buses, Jeremy Clarkson and our remarkable ability to remain patient in the longest of queues.

Another cornerstone of Britain however, is Mother Nature’s extraordinary talent for giving us all four seasons in one month.

Now of course, Hurricanes are fortunately a rare occurrence in the UK, but winter is coming, and unfortunately we can’t change the weather. However, we’d like to think we can help to make sure this image doesn’t become a reality for you.

A wooden shed or outhouse is great, sure, but unless you want to run the risk of finding an unexpected pile of fire wood at the bottom of your garden, we’d suggest metal is the way to go (Ok, we admit, we’re a little bit bias, but it’s true).

With our metal roofing and guttering collection, you can have the peace of mind that your brand new £200 circular saw won’t be exposed to the harsh winter climate – which we got a snapshot of this week – and ensure that your shed stays in one piece.

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First World War Commemorative jewellery: From artillery shell to shirt sleeve

With Armistice Day coming up on 11th November we’ve found the perfect example of how metal can be recycled in surprising and innovative ways.

The Royal British Legion has commissioned the design and creation of commemorative Poppy shaped jewellery in memory of all those who lost their lives in the First World War.

The range includes Poppy Cufflinks and a Poppy Pin. However, what sets these commemorative pieces apart from the rest, is the metal which was used to create them. Both pieces – crafted by TMB Art Metal – are made from the solid brass of original artillery shell fuses found on First World War battlefields.

What makes these cufflinks and pins even more special, is the fact that every single one is unique, due to each one is hand sculpted using the traditional “lost wax” method of melting and casting.

A typical brass fuse cap

The design itself is based on a real, 100 year old dried and flattened poppy from Private Len Smith’s diary – Private Smith, a veteran who lived until 1974, plucked the poppy from No Man’s Land in 1915 and preserved it in his illustrated diary.


Pictured: Front/back of Poppy Pin and Decorative Box © The Poppy Shop

The commemorative jewellery was first released in June to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of the start of the First World War, and we think they would make a great present for someone special, with Armistice Day just around the corner.

Pictured: Engravings on Cufflinks and Decorative Box

Pictured: Engravings on Cufflinks and Decorative Box © The Poppy Shop

All in all we think this is a great product. Not only is it a fine example of how metal can be reused and transformed into something completely different to its original purpose, but it’s also a great way for The Royal Legion to raise funds for a good cause.

All money raised from cufflink sales goes directly to The Royal British Legion to support British Armed Forces and their families, past, present and future.

There’s limited stock, so if you’re interested in purchasing these cufflinks, please visit The Poppy Shop.

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