Industrial Style Interiors for the Home

Industrial interiors are a big trend at the minute, with many shops and restaurants introducing it to their branding. Think plenty of exposed brick, wood and of course, metal.

These are our picks of the best industrial interiors as spotted in Leeds.

  1. Lush

    Lush have gone all out with the trend, using recycled scaffolding as the base for their shelving. The theme run throughout the whole store, and includes wall and freestanding shelving. Combined with neutral walls and their trademark chalkboard signage, it brings a unique twist and experience for shoppers in the store.lush interiors

  2. Trinity Kitchen, Leeds

    When designing the food court for the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre, the designer veered away from the usual styling and instead went down the industrial route. They incorporated lots of exposed piping, wooden panels, neon signage and metal, and the result couldn’t be more different than your usual food court.trinity kitchen interiors

  3. Urban Outfitters

    Urban Outfitters is well known for its ‘edgy’ style, so if they’re on board then the trend must be cool, right? Scaffold style clothing rails and stands, wooden panels and exposed piping and light fixtures are a great take on the trend.urban outfitters interior

    If you fancy getting out your screwdriver and having a go at bringing the trend into your home, here’s a couple of products that will help.products


  1.  We have a wide selection of clothing rail kits to give you exactly the look you want.
  2.  Our tube clamp table frame went down a storm, and this kit makes it easy to achieve.
  3.  Add a touch of industrial style to your desk with this specially designed kit.

All these kits can be found here. It really couldn’t be easier!