Nick Wysoczanskyj is The Metal Store ‘Metal Masterpiece’ Competition Winner


Nick Wysoczanskyj decided to create The Iron Man because, quite simply Kate, his partner asked him to. He said, “I’d ordered some steel from The Metal Store in the past and saw the competition on social media so decided to give it a go.” There’s tremendous detail in his Iron Man. He’s made from bits of scrap metal that he picked up from friends, his workshop at home and off-cuts at work.

Nick works in the glamorous world of film sets and is busy working on third series of Da Vinci’s Demons for Fox TV, which airs on Sky TV. The previous series was set in Machu Picchu which is where Nick chose to accept his prize of a 42 inch TV as the lucky winner, from Andy Buckley, Managing Director of The Metal Store.

Nick has already had an interesting life as he told us lots of stories, including the one about travelling to the other side of the world to try to get work on the film set for The Hobbit in New Zealand. Unfortunately due to the legislation they didn’t get to stay as their visa expired before the film got started. But ten out of ten for trying Nick!

It seems that Nick was almost destined to do what he does. He studied at the University of Westminster doing Illustration and his family work in the building trade, so using his creativity on big buildings is a great use of his many talents.

Creativity seems to be embedded in everything that he does. He said, “I can make you anything that looks like a real one, but I can’t give you the real one.”

Well done Nick, for winning the TV. It couldn’t go to the more deserving winner!

Nick is a freelance scenic artist and gets involved in all types of work to prepare sets for filming. He’s currently working for Zombie Monkey who sub-contract to the production company Da Vinci’s Demons, based in Swansea.


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