Tube Clamps used for Sports and Leisure

Interclamps combination of high quality and outstanding value-for-money can be found in a number of sports.

Picture of Cricket Practice Nets

Cricket Nets

Picture of Camera Platform

Camera Platform at Bernebau stadium

Boat / dinghy Racks

Onshore Boat Racks

Tube Clamp Fittings and Galvanised tube are available online here

Tube Clamps for Safety in the Workplace

Barriers and gates to prevent falls

Barriers and Gates

Fall prevention and gated access to step and stairs.

Safety gaurd rail to protect employees

Workshop Safety Guard Rail


Full range can be purchased from The Metal Store

Tube Clamp Applications

Here are a few examples of the flexibility and range of applications for our tube clamp range.

Low cost handrail for ramps

Handrail for Ramps


Can also be used as a barrier to provide fall prevention and pedestrian safety

Tube Clamp Barrier

Fall Prevention Barrier


All tube clamp fittings and Galvanised Tube can be purchased online for UK wide delivery.

We also supply DDA Assist – DDA Compliant Handrail Online